Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mary McGovern - Weight Loss Tips

Mary McGovern Carberry

Weight loss; an alternate approach

Weight loss is seen by many as a task rather than a casual activity. When the topic of weight loss is mentioned, especially around overweight or weight conscious people, the conversation steers towards all the woes and difficulties they’re facing with their regime. Rather than letting things take control over you, take a moment to think about the problem.

You don’t necessarily have to make exercise or healthy eating a chore. You can train and tune your mind upon the right frequencies. This will not only make these activities seem enjoyable (or at least not revolting) but also reduce the stress of the constant battle that rages within you to overcome extra weight you’ve put on.  

Start with identifying why you want to lose weight. Are you fat, are you feeling unhealthy? You need to know what the problem is before looking up a solution. Note that in order to be determined about solving a problem; it is necessary that you view the problem as a major threat; and not just a trivial matter.

Being overweight is a health risk; it is not just something which leads to an unwieldy appearance. So if you tell yourself you’re worried about your appearance then chances are you won’t bother as much as compared to the concern you’d have if you found out that your current state can lead to you dying 5 to 10 years before your time. A more alarming issue will be addressed with more vigour and you will automatically be motivated to take steps to rectify.

The next time you hit the gym, exercise with focus and passion rather than just to complete the reps and kill time. When you put your heart and soul into it, the results will be a lot different.

You can join an online weight loss community. Weight Loss Buddy is an example. Google it up and see how it can help you. You’ll meet different people sharing goals similar to yours. When you’ll see other people striving, you’ll be motivated to strive harder.

As you can see, the right attitude is everything. You need to be passionate and genuinely focused towards achieving something rather than doing it half-heartedly. When an action becomes a part of your habit, whether good or bad, it doesn’t fade away any time soon. Eat healthy and keep your mind fit and you will automatically start seeing change in yourself.   

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